Lau & Carmen's Wedding

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Met this seemingly timid couple before the wedding and found out that we had much in common, they engaged me based on photos which I posted from another event  which we had both attended.  Although they described their wedding day as being a small and simple, on the day itself itself the bride and groom really came out from their timid shell and they were so spontaneous and fun!
From the large number of grateful friends and family that came on stage to shower praises, tributes and blessings on the couple it is very evident that they have been very caring and life giving to others. So many heartfelt and touching moments during the wedding dinner and every candid shot through my view finder exuded warmth and joy.

The Chinese character for double happiness is so simple and beautiful in symbolism
Getting ready for a beautiful day ahead
A Candid moment between friends
A very happy groom
A beautiful solo "From the moment" as the prelude before the grand entrance
The couple making their grand entrance
The groom showing his "Amour"!

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