Florence & Lawrence

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This is a short post as it's the bride's side wedding dinner under the full moon in PD, more to follow next week when we cover the full wedding by the groom  from Ulu Yam to PD all the way back to KL.

200mm, f2.8 with rim lighting via video light from the rear

Every wedding dinner is a new adventure of us and we never know what photographic opportunities would present themselves.  For the photo above we caught the wedding couple during one of those rare moments where they were not busy attending to guest or worrying about dress changes or what to do next, the expressions were genuine. From their eyes and gaze at each other, this photo tells a story of love, hope and promise of a life together. 

YH & Grace Wedding

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Covering a wedding midweek we always have to be mindful of traffic conditions, fortunately the wedding couple was very organised as they provided us with all the contacts, schedules & programme way ahead of time and when we arrive for the shoot everything as very well laid out. 

Grandma! Look at the camera.
The bride having a quiet moment to herself, 
while the groom horses around the the cutest kid at the dinner!

This kid was just too cute!
Let the Yam Seng begin!

The dining hall was low ceilinged, had off colored walls and warm white fluorescent lighting and we had to gel our flashes so that the photos did not look like expired 1970's film!

The Express Edit Video

Tonight I managed to put my newly acquired 35-70mm f2.8 into action and it did not disappoint! I am very pleased with the results! Fast, sharp and a very versatile zoom range which i can shoot with confidence wide open. The other workhorse for the evening was the 80-200mm f2.8 which was really useful for sneaking in those candid wedding moments from an unintrusive distance.