Justin & Wanshen's Wedding

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Last weekend was a super busy auspicious wedding photography weekend! We managed to cover 3 separate events concurrently all over Klang Valley! We'll be busy spending the rest of the week processing the photos so here's a short post of some of the beautiful wedding details with more to come.

The Mk II Jaguar, probably the most elegant car to be married in!
The wedding pair's dinner setting
A simple and symbolical wedding cake ornament

Indian Wedding Photography @ Sri Kandaswamy Kovil, Brickfields

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Kept this as a private posting at the request of the client, been covering Indian engagements & wedding events this month, I've been told that  it is a very auspicious month and there are many Indian weddings taking place this month.  It was a very moving wedding, everything was beautifully detailed and colorful, everything had a symbolical significance and the act of the parents transferring their hopes and blessings to the young couple was full of love and tenderness.

Lawrence & Florence

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This posting was inspired by a casual chat with another photographer,  he commented why I post so few photos of each wedding on my blog? "Orang suka tengok banyak macam-macam bro!".  So I took heed and tried out his suggestion, it does makes a difference, rather than showing a few scattered shots throughout the wedding day, posting more photos provides context and conveys more of a story which is much more engaging.

Florence+Lawrence-small2 from weitatt on Vimeo.

This set of wedding photos were processed using Adobe's Lightroom 4, the enhancements to this software is simply amazing! It's ability to adjust exposure, pull back highlights & and recover details from the shadows is like magic!  After this experience I've decided to shoot all future events in RAW as it is clear that although JPEG is more convenient, having the RAW format as a digital negative gives so much more flexibility to recover & post process for the desired effect. Only challenge is managing the 30GB's of data from each event!

Florence & Lawrence Wedding (Groom's side)

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Both my self and our 2nd wedding photographer started our day at 3AM this morning in Port Dickson & Ulu Yam respectively. When the sun came out it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day perfect for a wedding! Despite the early hours both Lawrence & Florence were radiant and well rested for their big day. Got to see a lot more of Lawrence's fun side today as he commandeered the games and made his way to his bride in waiting.  Both of them are very deserving and truly blessed as they have very caring and supportive families behind them all the way.

Looking at the wedding photos above it's an illustration of how varied and demanding the wedding shooting conditions can be throughout the wedding day. One moment I'm shooting in the dark, next I'm indoors shooting the bride's make-up scene under florescent lighting, then into the bride's room for portraits with the morning sun through the window, out door in the blazing afternoon sun and into the ball room for the evening where we have guest, stage, complete darkness for the walk-in and impromptu group portraits. In all situations we take advantage of the lighting, the environment and pushing our equipment to it's limits to capture that perfect wedding moment of a lifetime.

It was a pleasure working with Lawrence & Florence as they were such a thoughtful and considerate couple, furthermore the kindness of their family members who really went out of their way to make sure we were well taken care of during their actual wedding day shoot. Despite the long travel and long hours it is s such small thoughtful tokens which makes my role as a wedding photographer enjoyable and inspired.