Kumar weds Yognaah

This was taken recently at the exquisite Moogambika Temple at Mid Valley recently, the white stone background and beautiful morning sun spilling into the temple made this entire event appear just magical.

Cinematic Highlights Video [2 Videographers, Cinematic Edit]

The groom taking his place for the ceremony

The groom donning his Safa after his first change

The bride making her procession to the temple after her change of  Saree

The tali time

The groom beaming with joy

Classic beauty

The groom on cloud nine

The wedding portraits

The bride and groom happily married

Bride just after completing 2.5 hours of traditional makeup

The tali time

Photo Finish

Finally finished production work for Zi Liang & Pei Yee's Wedding. It is always such an thrill going through the editing as we get to relive and re-experience the events of the wedding day. The quiet anticipation of the bride in waiting in the bridal room in contrast with the rowdy quest of the groom and the groom's men to earn their passage to win the bride over. Chivalry is definitely well and alive!

Ah Boy & Maya's Wedding

Ah Boy & Maya have been such good friends right from the first day I met them, lttle did I know then that one day I'll get to play a small part in one of the biggest day of their lives. As always, Ah Boy was full of surprises and fulfilled Maya's wish to drive herself to her wedding. When Maya left the Bridal house to make her way to the Batu Caves temple there was an open top roadster waiting for her with the keys ready in hand! SURPRISE!

Pleasant surprise upon departure, the Bride is going in style!

Bride driving in style! An open top roadster!

The magic moment!


Prosperous blessing!

Portraits at the Batu caves temple

Friends at play

A portrait fit for the living room!

Bride and groom leaving the Batu Caves temple in style together as a married couple

Behind every man is a great woman!

Amazing belly dancer!

Whee!!!  We are married!

What makes a wedding 'special'?

I've been to so many weddings over the past few years and it is still excites me, every wedding is different and unexpected in every way. I've always tried to put my finger on what makes a wedding 'special'? Is it a quality that can be canned & synthesised? e.g. some wedding are very elaborately and lavishly plan, although it's a feast for the eyes but somehow lacks a soul. On the other hand some weddings are just plain simple arrangements with a few close friends and family but it feels absolutely magical! Love is the magic ingredient… not the overt acts of love but more the subtle little gestures that makes you go all mushy inside. e.g. A gentle stroke on the face, the loving squeeze on the arm, the little giggles between the couple, the hint of a tear as a mother hugs her daughter, the laughter shared between a father and son as they hug. These events are not planned, they are true expressions of love that takes place naturally daily and we are fortunate enough to be invited into their lives to experience it for a day

Jason + Garam's Church Wedding

I met Jason & Garam some time back and I really got to know them and their very warm and inviting family over the course of being their 'wedding advisor' for their wedding.  Getting to know the story of how they grew up, their adversities in life, how they met and being fortunate enough to be able to play a small part in capturing memories on one of the most important days of their lives together.  I do feel truly honoured.

Korean Hanbok shoes
Getting ready for the Church
A father with daughter in hand walking down the aisle beaming with joy
The couple making their marriage vows
Lighting the path of their new life together
Lets hear it from the boys!
We're are married!
"Honey... we have a bright future ahead of us!"
Time honour tradition of portraits with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Ravin & Arathi's Engagement

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This engagement took place in a house, very cozy and the atmosphere was so nice as pleasant as friends and family filled the house completely with the joy and smiles. The photos speak for themselves and you can see that the smiles of the faces are are from the heart.