What makes a wedding 'special'?

I've been to so many weddings over the past few years and it is still excites me, every wedding is different and unexpected in every way. I've always tried to put my finger on what makes a wedding 'special'? Is it a quality that can be canned & synthesised? e.g. some wedding are very elaborately and lavishly plan, although it's a feast for the eyes but somehow lacks a soul. On the other hand some weddings are just plain simple arrangements with a few close friends and family but it feels absolutely magical! Love is the magic ingredient… not the overt acts of love but more the subtle little gestures that makes you go all mushy inside. e.g. A gentle stroke on the face, the loving squeeze on the arm, the little giggles between the couple, the hint of a tear as a mother hugs her daughter, the laughter shared between a father and son as they hug. These events are not planned, they are true expressions of love that takes place naturally daily and we are fortunate enough to be invited into their lives to experience it for a day