Ravin & Arathi's Engagement

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This engagement took place in a house, very cozy and the atmosphere was so nice as pleasant as friends and family filled the house completely with the joy and smiles. The photos speak for themselves and you can see that the smiles of the faces are are from the heart.

Danial & Ayuni's Wedding Dinner

This was taken some time back, finally have the chance to look back at this photos and recollect what a joyful event this was.

Cupcakes anyone?

The wonder years

The grand entrance

Tears of joy

King & Queen for the day

Kids at the pelamin 

Fun shot at the pelamin

Fun shot at the pelamin

Outdoor pelamin in the garden

Married with jubilant friends and family in the background

In high spirits for the jump shot

Premraj + Youvanis Engagement

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This engagement took place at the relocated brand new temple at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Section 23 in Shah Alam. The lighting was exceptionally bright in the temple and it was a ideal for capturing photos and videos of the ceremony. I'm sure it felt very special for the couple to be one of the very first couples to receive their blessings at this landmark temple.
The makeup was immaculate. 
Not overly done but enough to provide very flattering texture and skin tone.

It's all in the eyes!

A quick outdoor portrait before we set off to the temple

Bride-to-be in waiting 

Page girl with the honors of being custodians for the engagement rings

The bride-to-be in her engagement Saree

The crucial juncture for the wedding ceremony.  Symbol of an everlasting union

Friends and family sharing joy with the Bride-to-be

Taking the first of many big steps together as an engaged couple

One of the first few portraits together as an engaged couple