Sean & Michelle's Wedding

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This is easily the most photogenic couple which we've covered, one of those few photo shoots where almost every photo is a keeper!  The day was simple and yet full of surprises! Maid of honors all red, the groom arriving in a Bentley, Michael Jackson at the dinner performance and one of the most spirited yam-seng sessions that I have had the honor to cover. 

Round the car 3 times for good luck!
Limousine with a sunroof! A photographer's dream..
Just Married!
What a wonderful way to be greeted by a row of smiling beautiful ladies
Special guest performer
In the spotlight!
Let the champagne of abundance flow
I wished my wedding would be as Beautiful as this!

Wedding Day Video Highlights

Wedding Dinner Video Highlights

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Lau & Carmen's Wedding

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Met this seemingly timid couple before the wedding and found out that we had much in common, they engaged me based on photos which I posted from another event  which we had both attended.  Although they described their wedding day as being a small and simple, on the day itself itself the bride and groom really came out from their timid shell and they were so spontaneous and fun!
From the large number of grateful friends and family that came on stage to shower praises, tributes and blessings on the couple it is very evident that they have been very caring and life giving to others. So many heartfelt and touching moments during the wedding dinner and every candid shot through my view finder exuded warmth and joy.

The Chinese character for double happiness is so simple and beautiful in symbolism
Getting ready for a beautiful day ahead
A Candid moment between friends
A very happy groom
A beautiful solo "From the moment" as the prelude before the grand entrance
The couple making their grand entrance
The groom showing his "Amour"!

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Wilson & Lucia's Wedding

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Wilson called me on a Wednesday looking for a wedding photographer for Saturday! Apparently his wedding photographer had just disappeared despite having taken a deposit.  How can you say no to a couple in such a desperate situation? Fortunately I was able to rearrange my schedule to accommodate Wilson.  I am very glad I took this on as it was a tremendously fun wedding to cover.  The photos really speak for themselves and  as fun was cranked all the way up and the couple really looked truly well matched for each other.

Lucia & Wilson, a classic love story

Love makes levitation possible (amazingly we got this in 1 take!)

Assembly of superheroes ready to rescue the heros fair maiden

The Bride in waiting

The proud groom claiming his bride

Entering the bridal suite together as husband & wife

Life together would be a bed of roses

Friends and lovers forever!

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Chuan Sim & Ai Ching's Wedding

Started blogging again after my short lapse being too busy with the hectic month of back-to-back wedddings,  also due to a prompting from a young friend yesterday who encouraged me to blog again,  blogging is like keeping a diary, It allows us to look back and see how much we've changed from the past. Change is inevitable but we have to be moving in a better direction. i.e. to strive to be a better, happier more compassionate person bit by bit.

Yesterday was a very enjoyable wedding shoot for both myself and my 2nd photographer in Jenjarom & Nilai, it was perfect weather, the couple were fresh and beautiful, the atmosphere was relaxed and cozy, and we were not rushed for time.  I've come to realized that sometimes less is indeed more in planning a wedding.  trying not to squeeze too much in and allowing time during the day to catch up with friends, to laugh, to enjoy the events as they unfold and to reflect on the true significance of the wedding day as  a first page of a wonderful storybook whereby the couple get to write their own stories. Being given the opportunity to observe happy couples starting out in life rekindles my own appreciation of how blessed we are to have found our own soulmate in this life! 

This photo opt just presented itself as the couple bumped into another happy couple in the adjoining hall!
This really look like a fairy tale couple

What a beautiful gown

The groom guarding his goal, afterall he has scored big time!

Why is it the groom always ends up with a list of terms and conditions on his wedding day?

Heng-tais' all geared up for the charge!

This in car photo turned out perfect

Leaving the bridal house for a new life!

Leaving the playground behind to start a serious life together!

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GS & ZI's Wedding

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Absolutely beautiful wedding! The decor, flowers, the details, the ball room, the people and the lovely couple!  I always remind my wedding couples... I can try to make the best of the environment and lighting, however the most important part of the picture is you as I cannot control your emotions.  You can see that the couple are truly relaxed and enjoying their celebrations of their wedding day.  What a joy to photograph as every shoot came out as a winner!

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Eric & Ivy's Wedding Dinner

Finally got round to processing all the photos for Eric & Ivy's wedding, the Dynasty Dragon at the IOI Mall in Puchong has a really nice ball room with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Puchong Highway. Real elegant dinner and all the guest (especially the ladies) were all really well dressed!
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Eric & Ivy's Wedding

This was a marathon wedding from KL to Bentong & back! Planned to perfection and despite the tight and busy schedule the day proceeded seamlessly without a hitch like a roll-out for a complexed IT system. We had schedules, programmes, roles, checkpoints, checklist, logistics and not a detail out of place! It was a very hectic day for me as I covered the events for the day solo. Incidently I carry a pedometer on me on for the day I had logged over 13,000 steps! So for anybody out there who wants to lose weight, forget the gym and take up wedding photography instead!

The Chi Moi really made the Heng Tai's really work hard! It was like "Mission Impossible"
 Getting the card to stick in the water melon was no easy task
 A touching moment for all, except the baby who was oblivious to being the centre of attention!

The restaurant had beautifully rich backgrounds for lovely portraits
 Megastar celebrity grand entrance
Even the food being presented was given the 5-star treatment
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Kim Chuen & Wan Yie's Wedding

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Really need to catch up on blogging my wedding photo updates, Its been a really "Ong" time for Chinese & Indian weddings after the lull during the 7th lunar month and I've been busy every weekend.  Last weekend we covered a really lovely couple at the Equatorial in Bangi, Although it was a modest wedding but the atmosphere was just so warm and cozy! A lovely duo guitar & singing band was belting up Colbie Calliat's love ballads throughout the evening, the couple were unpretentious and very charming and they were blessed with many close and caring friends who all led the prelude to the grand entrance by make a twirl and curtsy which they rehearsed minutes before the actual even.  After covering wedding photography back to back for the past 2 months, I've come to appreciate that weddings need not be elaborate, however if it is done from the heart with love & truth, then everything that come from it would have beauty which moves us from within, then it's just magic!

Wedidng Portrait taken with my 80-200mm wide open looking down a long corridor with a lit picture frame in the far end of the corridor..

This wasn't directed by me, the troop waiting to make their grand entrance saw my camera decided to pose impromptu. these moments are the best!

A great band can really set the tone for a good wedding.

Sometimes when we shoot portraits from a distance the camera is not too imposing and we get very natural, relax portraits. It also helps to have a 2nd photographer with a good eye to point out the moment!