Wilson & Lucia's Wedding

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Wilson called me on a Wednesday looking for a wedding photographer for Saturday! Apparently his wedding photographer had just disappeared despite having taken a deposit.  How can you say no to a couple in such a desperate situation? Fortunately I was able to rearrange my schedule to accommodate Wilson.  I am very glad I took this on as it was a tremendously fun wedding to cover.  The photos really speak for themselves and  as fun was cranked all the way up and the couple really looked truly well matched for each other.

Lucia & Wilson, a classic love story

Love makes levitation possible (amazingly we got this in 1 take!)

Assembly of superheroes ready to rescue the heros fair maiden

The Bride in waiting

The proud groom claiming his bride

Entering the bridal suite together as husband & wife

Life together would be a bed of roses

Friends and lovers forever!

Photography by Wedding Photo Malaysia