Chuan Sim & Ai Ching's Wedding

Started blogging again after my short lapse being too busy with the hectic month of back-to-back wedddings,  also due to a prompting from a young friend yesterday who encouraged me to blog again,  blogging is like keeping a diary, It allows us to look back and see how much we've changed from the past. Change is inevitable but we have to be moving in a better direction. i.e. to strive to be a better, happier more compassionate person bit by bit.

Yesterday was a very enjoyable wedding shoot for both myself and my 2nd photographer in Jenjarom & Nilai, it was perfect weather, the couple were fresh and beautiful, the atmosphere was relaxed and cozy, and we were not rushed for time.  I've come to realized that sometimes less is indeed more in planning a wedding.  trying not to squeeze too much in and allowing time during the day to catch up with friends, to laugh, to enjoy the events as they unfold and to reflect on the true significance of the wedding day as  a first page of a wonderful storybook whereby the couple get to write their own stories. Being given the opportunity to observe happy couples starting out in life rekindles my own appreciation of how blessed we are to have found our own soulmate in this life! 

This photo opt just presented itself as the couple bumped into another happy couple in the adjoining hall!
This really look like a fairy tale couple

What a beautiful gown

The groom guarding his goal, afterall he has scored big time!

Why is it the groom always ends up with a list of terms and conditions on his wedding day?

Heng-tais' all geared up for the charge!

This in car photo turned out perfect

Leaving the bridal house for a new life!

Leaving the playground behind to start a serious life together!

Photography by Wedding Photo Malaysia.