Kim Chuen & Wan Yie's Wedding

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
Really need to catch up on blogging my wedding photo updates, Its been a really "Ong" time for Chinese & Indian weddings after the lull during the 7th lunar month and I've been busy every weekend.  Last weekend we covered a really lovely couple at the Equatorial in Bangi, Although it was a modest wedding but the atmosphere was just so warm and cozy! A lovely duo guitar & singing band was belting up Colbie Calliat's love ballads throughout the evening, the couple were unpretentious and very charming and they were blessed with many close and caring friends who all led the prelude to the grand entrance by make a twirl and curtsy which they rehearsed minutes before the actual even.  After covering wedding photography back to back for the past 2 months, I've come to appreciate that weddings need not be elaborate, however if it is done from the heart with love & truth, then everything that come from it would have beauty which moves us from within, then it's just magic!

Wedidng Portrait taken with my 80-200mm wide open looking down a long corridor with a lit picture frame in the far end of the corridor..

This wasn't directed by me, the troop waiting to make their grand entrance saw my camera decided to pose impromptu. these moments are the best!

A great band can really set the tone for a good wedding.

Sometimes when we shoot portraits from a distance the camera is not too imposing and we get very natural, relax portraits. It also helps to have a 2nd photographer with a good eye to point out the moment!