Eric & Ivy's Wedding

This was a marathon wedding from KL to Bentong & back! Planned to perfection and despite the tight and busy schedule the day proceeded seamlessly without a hitch like a roll-out for a complexed IT system. We had schedules, programmes, roles, checkpoints, checklist, logistics and not a detail out of place! It was a very hectic day for me as I covered the events for the day solo. Incidently I carry a pedometer on me on for the day I had logged over 13,000 steps! So for anybody out there who wants to lose weight, forget the gym and take up wedding photography instead!

The Chi Moi really made the Heng Tai's really work hard! It was like "Mission Impossible"
 Getting the card to stick in the water melon was no easy task
 A touching moment for all, except the baby who was oblivious to being the centre of attention!

The restaurant had beautifully rich backgrounds for lovely portraits
 Megastar celebrity grand entrance
Even the food being presented was given the 5-star treatment
Photography by Wedding Photo Malaysia