Lawrence & Florence

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
This posting was inspired by a casual chat with another photographer,  he commented why I post so few photos of each wedding on my blog? "Orang suka tengok banyak macam-macam bro!".  So I took heed and tried out his suggestion, it does makes a difference, rather than showing a few scattered shots throughout the wedding day, posting more photos provides context and conveys more of a story which is much more engaging.

Florence+Lawrence-small2 from weitatt on Vimeo.

This set of wedding photos were processed using Adobe's Lightroom 4, the enhancements to this software is simply amazing! It's ability to adjust exposure, pull back highlights & and recover details from the shadows is like magic!  After this experience I've decided to shoot all future events in RAW as it is clear that although JPEG is more convenient, having the RAW format as a digital negative gives so much more flexibility to recover & post process for the desired effect. Only challenge is managing the 30GB's of data from each event!