Tips for the Groom for your Wedding day

Some Tips for the groom for your wedding day from my observations as a wedding photographer:-

1. Go buy a nice white shirt that fits you really well.

2. Don't try your suit on the day before your wedding. The shoulders have to fit, the arm lengths have to be correct.

3. Don't walk down the aisle with your 10.1" smartphone in your front pocket! It would really stick out!

4. Get a good hair cut about a week before your big day.

5. Make sure you have a nice pair of black shoes that is well polished.

6. Make sure your trousers fit well. showing 3 inches of your "Bart Simpson" socks on your wedding day might be cute but would look silly in your formal portraits.

7. If don't want to have oily spots all over your face in your photos, get the make-up lady to put some powder on your face.

8. Remember to delegate all the work details on your wedding day to your best man and family members, you don't want to be all stressed out on your big day having to worry about the guest list, the alcohol, the angpows, the relative etc. It will show in your photos. Just delegate everything on the day and relax & have a good time!