Impromptu Wedding Portrait at the Brickfields Vihara

(Wedding Photo Malaysia)
I always try to make it a point to bring my camera everywhere,  last weekend I happen to be the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields and right in front of me there was a wedding blessing taking place.  The bride was in a beautiful kebaya which was reminiscent of my Mum who is from Penang.  What a shame no photographer present!   The couple was kind enough to allow me to take photos of them and I took their contact and sent them the photos after.  

Reflecting on this impromptu photo shoot, it is ironic that during my own wedding years ago I did not pay much attention to photography  and now that I am shooting for others I really appreciate the timeless value of capturing the moments. I really like the traditional portrait of the couple along the cloisters of the main shrine as it is timeless and beautiful in its simple elegance, one which would still look fresh when the album is taken out for the grandchildren in years to come.